Bird-watching-in-uganda - virunga safaris

This 1 day game drive in Akagera national park will take you through a city tour in the amazing Kigali city, you will later on head to the park and do gamedrive and boat on lake Ihema.

Day 1: Game drive.

Akagera national park is a Rwanda’s savannah national park measuring an area of 1122km2 and found in eastern Rwanda. The park borders Tanzania in the east and north east and Uganda surrounded by pastoralists that keep or graze the long horned cows. After an early breakfast at 4.30am, we drive east words to akagera national park reaching early for the game drive. On the game drive, we shall see animals like the leopards, lions, impalas, kobs, duikers, cape buffaloes, elephants, giraffes, water backs, warthogs, bohor reed back, bushbacks.

After we go for a boat ride on lake iheme and on the boat we expect animals like the crocodiles, monitor lizards, hippos, and many other animals that come to take water and many other water birds after we come back to Kigali.

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