This tour (safari in Uganda 12 days) will take us 12 days in both savannah and forest parks to see/view savannah animals most likely herbivores, and carnivores animals. Forest animals explains mostly primates and apes, like mountain gorillas and chimpanzee.

Day 1: Start of the amazing 12 days safari in uganda

On arrival at the airport you will be transferred to our area of stay around kampala. However depending on your time of arrival, you will have a city tour where you expect to visit the kings palace, Gadhafi mosque, namugongo matters, Bahai tempo, kasubi tombs and markets.

Day 2: Drive to Murchison falls national park

After an early breakfast, we shall start our day by driving to Murchison falls national park, pass through Ziwa rhino sanctuary for rhino tracking. Here we expect to have a nature walk to see the famous animals that had got extinct in the country since 1970 and are now being breaded to gain there stay in areas that they lived to be .

Have lunch at the sanctuary after we proceed to Murchison falls national park. Drive to the top of the falls if time allows us to. You will enjoy the magnificent water falls that faces its self in an 8m gap and falls down in a 45m high creating a loud roar with cool moisture.

Day 3: Game drive and boat launch to the bottom of the falls.

After breakfast, we enter the park and search for animals like the lions, leopards, buffaloes, elephants, kobs, warthogs, waterbucks, hartebeests, giraffes, jackals, hippos, and many other savannah birds like Weavers, Rollers, Eagle, Thrush, Sunbirds, Canaries, Finch, Starlings, Sandpipers, Doves, Tchagras, Fiscals.

Come back for lunch and after lunch we have a boat ride on the Nile. On the boat we expect to see animals like the hippo in different schools , you also get chance to see animals that come to drink water. See crocodiles, monitor lizards and many water birds like the Giant king fishers, Pied king fisher, Gulls, African fish eagles and many others.  

Day 4: Transfer to Kibale forest National park

We transfer to Kibale forest national park. Passing through bulisa region on lake albert up on the escapement that will provide us a chance to view the great rift valley of Africa that we read in the books. Through our journey we shall be able to view different fruit markets that are fresh and organic. We shall pass through big tea plantations until we reach Kibale forest national park successfully

Day 5: Chimpanzee trekking

Start our day while entering the park headquarters for the briefing about the park and animals inhabiting the park like the primates, forest elephants, forest buffalos, duikers, and many others. We shall be also be briefed about the chimpanzee tracking which is the major activity. After briefing we shall enter the park with the park rangers and start the chimpanzee tracking. After several minutes of tracking you finally meet them, take photos and videos.

After the trekking we come back at the lodge for lunch and we prepare for the swamp walk. The swamp walk will take us around three hours while viewing different bird species, primates like the black and white Columbus monkeys, red tailed monkeys, red Columbus, vervet monkeys and olive baboons. We also expect to see bird like Red billed Malimbe, Great blue Turraco, Black and White Casqued Hornbill, Little Egrets, Herons and many other birds.

Day 6: Transfer to Queen Elizabeth and do crater lake drive.

Start our day while drive to queen Elizabeth national park. Our journey will take us through the beautiful crater lakes of kabalole district through large banana and maize or cone plantations until we arrive to the park. The journey will take us about four hours drive. Enter in the park and have an evening crater drive were we expect to see beautiful crater salt lakes of the great rift valley until we reach our lodge.

Day 7: Game drive

Start our day after a morning breakfast and enter the park in kasenyi sector while looking for animals like the elephants, cape buffaloes, kobs, waterbucks, warthogs, and many animals and birds. We come back for lunch as we prepare for an evening boat ride on the kazinga channel. Here we expect to see the great number of hippos in their family groups (schools) see a number of the Nile crocodiles, monitor lizards, water birds and other animals that come to drink water on the channel. Channel connects two  lakes of lake Edward and lake gorge which are some of the Africa great lakes

Day 8: Transfer to bwindi

We expect to pass through the southern part of Queen Elizabeth national  park which is famously known for the tree climbing lions. We also expect to see other animals like the topis, kobs, elephants, bushbucks, bush pigs, warthogs, waterbucks, and many others. Arrival at the park in the evening. Have an evening refreshment and enjoyment at the lodge while enjoying the views of the forests.

Day 9: Gorilla Trekking

Prepare ourselves for the early morning memorable experience of gorilla tracking. This activity is unpredictable that may take the whole day depending on the gorilla movement. But 100% guarantee sure to be tracked and seen. On reaching the headquarters, you will be briefed about the park information while be allocated to the group or family that will be composed of females, juveniles, black backs and silverbacks. However upon reaching the family you will take photos, videos while enjoying the re feeding, grooming and young ones playing.  While as the name suggests, it’s an impenetrable forests, your ranger guide will be entitled to move with machetes that helps in cutting up branches and shrubs to create paths to pass. Being a tropical rainforest, the weather is unpredictable where by it might rain any time meaning that you are advised  to over with rain gear or sweater to protect yourself about rain.

Day 10: Transfer to lake bunyonyi

 After breakfast, we drive to lake bunyonyi which is one of the deepest lakes. It has around 28 islands that consists of small and big islands that have churches, schools and others with homesteads. The lake is scenic and beautiful and bilharzia free that attracts a lot of tourists from different parts of the world.

Upon reaching, we shall relax, swim and wait for an evening canoe ride. On the African canoe, we shall visit the smallest island, have history about it and the bakiga tribe who are the people living in and around the islands.

Day 11: Transfer to lake Mburo

After an early breakfast, drive to lake Mburo national park. The journey will take us a four hour drive. Have lunch on the way around Mbarara, the land of honey and milk. After lunch, have a community walk where we shall visit the ranch, see the ankole long horned cows, milk the cows, and make butter and ghees.

Day 12: Morning game and transfer to Entebbe.

Have a morning game drive to see animals like the zebras, giraffes, topis, elands, impalas, buffaloes, warthogs, waterbucks, bushbuck, and many others. After we proceed to kampala or Entebbe airport for departure.

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