Day 1: Drive to Sipi Falls

Early morning after breakfast, transfer to sipi falls. The distance will take us like 7 to 8 hours where we will reach in the afternoon or evening. Stay at camp mose’s. Upon reaching we put up our tents, prepare our dinner and overnight.

Day 2: Hiking to the Falls

In the morning after breakfast, we start our day with abseiling or climbing the major 100m river water fall rock down the bass enjoying the cool breeze moisture. Come back for lunch after we prepare an evening hiking of the remaining three major magnificent water falls. Come back early as we need to prepare our dinner.

Day 3: Transfer to kidepo valley National park

Stay at abim primary school. Through our journey, we shall visit roadside markets, schools and villages. We take time to spend with the locals and schools. Here we shall be able to know there way of living, play football with the kids and the school teachers.

Day 4: Drive to Kidepo valley National Park

Proceed to Kidepo valley national park reaching in the late afternoon and do camping inside the park. On the camping, we shall be having an escort/ guard, an armed ranger that will protect us from wild animals like the lions, hyenas, jackals, elephants, and lonely buffaloes, that may result or encroach on our camping sites. Prepare our food, take dinner and overnight.

Day 5: Morning Game drive.

Have an early morning game drive after a morning cup of coffee at our camping site. We have a morning game drive especially in Narus valley. This valley is one of the only sources of water in kidepo valley national park with a Narus river that makes it possible and easy for animals, especially herbivores that come to feed on grass. We expect to see animals like the giraffes, buffaloes, elephants, zebras, heart beast, Uganda kobs, waterback, warthogs and other animals like the lions, leopards and the cheetahs that come to check the population. The drive will take us 4 to 5 hours and after we come back at our camp for lunch, relaxation and prepare to visit the other valley like kidepo valley in the evening drive.

Day 6 : Game drive.

 This day we shall have a simple game drive as we check out the park to karenga where we shall camp. This area is outside the park but close. Here we shall visit the community and experience the karamojong houses (manyata), their way of living .

Day 7: Transfer to Murchison Falls National Park.

On this day we shall transfer to Murchison falls national park, this is the biggest/ largest national park in Uganda. Camping will be done deep in the wilderness that will enable us to be visited by wild animals, we expect to reach in the evening for dinner and overnight.

Day 8: Game drive.

After an early breakfast we shall do a game drive where we expect to see animals like the giraffes, warthogs, waterbucks, elephants, kobs, bushbucks, buffaloes, lions, and leopards. After lunch, we shall have a boat ride on the might river nile to the bottom of the falls. Along the boat we expect to see a great number of hippos in there groups  (schools), crocodiles, and many other animals that might come to drink water.

Day 9: Transfer to Kibale forest National park.

We shall proceed to Kibale national park, passing through the magnificent green lashes and green tea estates and banana plantations will make you feel that Uganda is a nature gifted country.

Day 10: Chimpanzee Tracking.

After breakfast, we drive to the park headquarters for briefing about the park and the chimpanzee as the major activity. After briefing you will enter the world’s primate capital, and track the famous great Chimpanzees of the world. Upon reaching, you will enjoy them on the way they behave socially, defend themselves and many others as your guide explains. You may also be able to see other primates like the black and white colobus monkeys, red-tailed monkeys, vervet monkeys, olive baboons, le’hosts monkeys and many others. After you return , we prepare for the evening activity which will be visiting the community.

Day 11: Transfer to Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Have a breakfast and after move to queen Elizabeth national park, camp at twin lake safari camp, kyambura gorge lodge.

Day 12: Morning game drive and boat on the kazinga Channel After breakfast we have a morning game drive where we expect to see animals like the buffaloes, warthogs, waterbucks, bushbucks, leopards, elephants, Uganda kobs and lions. Later we have a crater drive were we shall see the beautiful scenic views of magnificent craters of the world that some of them compose salt waters and others don’t have water, thus acting as breeding zones of olive baboons. We shall drive until we reach the kazinga channel where we shall have a boat ride. On the boat we shall see flocks of elephants, buffaloes, on the bunks of the water as well as Hippos and crocodiles and many other water birds.

Day 13: Transfer to Ishasha.

Early morning after breakfast, we shall drive to ishasha for the tree climbing lions. We expect to see animals like the hyenas, jackals, lions, topis, kobs, elephants, and many others.

Day14: Transfer to Bwindi

We shall have breakfast, after we drive to Bwindi impenetrable national park. Reaching in the afternoon, have an evening nature walk were we shall visit different tribes like the batwa/ pygmies and the other local people.

Day 15 Gorilla trekking.

We shall start by entering the park headquarters for the briefing about the park and the endangered giant gorillas. After briefing we ascend to the impenetrable forest searching for the giant animals. Upon reaching we shall be told about the rules again after you take photos and videos while enjoying the wildlife. For the period of one hour experience walk back. Tracking will however vary depending on the gorilla movements thus might take half a day or full day tracking.

Day 16: Travel to Mgahinga National park. After breakfast we drive to Mgahinga National park that boarders Uganda and Rwanda. The park falls in the virunga conservation area that stretches Uganda, Rwanda to Congo. Reaching early in the afternoon, have lunch proceed to the pygmies/ batwa people that were displaced out of the forest or mountains. Have a cultural dance or entertainment, experience the way of life and after we come back at our camping site. Prepare for the next day hiking of mount Muhabura volcanoes that border Uganda and Rwanda in particular and is around 4127m above sea level.

Day 17: Hiking Mount Muhabura.

Ascend to the park headquarters for briefing and prepare for the hiking. We start the hike at around 1800 to 2000m until we reach the top. Upon reaching the top we shall experience the crater lakes, view the two countries, have a look/ experience the beautiful plants, mosaic and vegetation. If we are lucky even before reaching, we will see animals like gorillas, golden monkeys, wild buffaloes.

Day 18: Community visit and transfer to Lake Bunyonyi.

This day you will do a community visit that evolves building a structure / classroom, plastering and painting, teaching / lecturing, playing games like football, netball, volleyball will be part of the activities that will take us full day thus later in the evening transfer to lake bunyonyi that we spend a night.

Day 19 Canoeing on Lake Bunyonyi

You will have an early breakfast after we have canoeing on to this famous attractive second deepest lake in Africa. It is much attractive and has around 28 islands that both include the big islands that poses communities, lodges, schools and churches. We shall also visit the smallest island and have their cultural information. The lake is bilharzia free making it easy and safe for tourist to swim. The area has many activities that we shall spend two days.

Day 20: Stay in bunyonyi for relaxation.

Day 21: Transfer to Lake Mburo national park.

We shall drive to lake Mburo national park. The drive will take us four to six hours and we expect to reach in the afternoon. Stay within the park. Have lunch , after we have a boat ride at the lake were we expect to see animals, hippos, topis, elands, impalas, and crocodiles that come to drink water while others swim around in the lake. We also expect to see most water birds and many others.

­Day 22: Game drive.

Have an early game drive where we expect to see flocks of zebras, impalas, elands, waterbaks, warthogs, buffaloes, topis, giraffes, and many other animals. Come back for lunch after we visit the community ranches. Were we will visit the local ankole long horned cattle. We will milk cows, make gee, butter and many others. Come back for dinner and overnight.

Day 23: Drive to sesse island.

This is a famous place that will cool your minds and it is the famous paradise for honey mooners. Upon reaching  bukakata landing site, we shall cross lake victoria/ Africa’s biggest lake that borders Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania.

The ferry will cross us with our vehicles to the island. The island is free from noise pollution and air pollution that mainly flocked from melodious songs of birds. Since this is one of our last days we will enjoy the finest hotels or camping depending on our or your choice.

Day 24 Relaxation and boat on Lake victoria

You will enjoy a morning sunrise on the nice beaches. After have a boat ride on the lake. While on the boat, we shall experience the crocodiles visit, numerous islands of snacks and many other attractions

Day 25. Departure / drive back

This will be the end of this amazing 25 days camping and adventure trip.

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