The batwa  people are the indigenous inhabitants of the forests of bwindi, they  lived in the forest while gathering honey and hunting as a way to sustain themselves, in the early 1990’s they were forced from the forests so they could be provided with better living standards and also to save the hunting  in the forest which was done by them.

Day 1: Travel to Bwindi

This 3 days Batwa experience will start by transfer from Entebbe or Kampala to Bwindi impenetrable national park to visit the pygmy people famous short for living in the forest.

Day 2: Visit the Batwa

 After breakfast at our hotel, we start our day like to explore these pygmy people. The pygmy/batwa are people that inhabited the forest of Congo in the virunga conservation area, Rwanda and Uganda for centuries  but as for both governments concerned, with the help of the non-governmental organizations, these people were forced to come out of the forests in order for them to enjoy the benefits like good education, health care, shelter and many others as they used to like in forests , enjoying the herbs as medicines with no houses while living in trees ad caves.

These beautiful people will show you different things like how they used to do them in the forest such as making fire without a match box.

Day 3: Drive back to our destination.


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