Kidepo valley national park is Uganda’s third largest national park covering an area of 1442 km2 and found in north east Uganda. The park boarders Kenya in the east and south Sudan in the north of the country. The park is located in the east and was originally disturbed by the katebo people who were evicted to Bira and napot pot, and the kato kudos, Naukori in south Sudan.

The park was gazetted in 1962 as a national park headed by Ian ross as the first chief warden who later was replaced by pual ssali in 1974 as Uganda’s first chief warden. The park has two major valleys of kidepo valley and narus valley and during the dry season animals emerge into the remaining swamps and the narus river which is adjacent to apoka lodge. Kidepo valley is a true gem with a huge abundance in wildlife, it has around 475 species of birds and around 77 species of animals like the

  • Zebras,
  • Elephants,
  • Kobs,
  • Water backs, warthogs,
  • Jackals, 
  • Heart beast,
  • Buffaloes,
  • Giraffes,
  • Lions,
  • Leopards,
  • Cheetahs,
  • Ostrich and many others.

The park was ranked the Third (3rd )best national park in Africa by CNN and as of now kidepo is getting more vistors compared to the past years.


Trip to kidepo Valley National Park

About buffaloes;

The African Buffalo is a sub suharan bovine,

Weigh: 590 kgs

Gestation; 11.5 months

Behaviour: African buffalo is a grazer. It feed mainly on the grass. When the grass sources are scarce, it may eat shrubs and trees.

They live in large herds that sometimes include thousand animals. Usually, herds are smaller, with up to 12 animals on average.

 The safari shall require driving  to the north east passing through luwero triangle to gulu town  and later on proceed to the park.

The safari will take you to the eastern part of the country. To the fruitfull with wildlife national reserve Pian upe .

This adventure will take you to different parks of the country. It will start from the east,north south west and back to Entebbe.

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