common chimpanzee-man's closest relative

One day visit to ngamba island which is located on lake victoria. It was formed with a purpose of taking are of the chimpanzees which have lost their parents thus being an orphanage for the chimpanzees. Despite of being orphan, they live under a 65 acre forest that they roam around and forage every day, it became an education and tourism center formed in 1998. The island is accessed by boat that takes 45 minutes ride from Entebbe of munyonyo resort beach and back.

After breakfast at your hotel, you will start this One day visit to ngamba island. The guide will drive you to the lake shore of lake Victoria for the boat to the island. After we board and set off to the most attractive and place and feed these important 98.5% DNA in relation to the humans or man.

On arrival, we shall be welcomed by the camp attendant who will pass us into the details of the island and animals or chimpanzee as well. You will also be able to feed these animals. Lunch will be got from the island. After the activity you will have to come back to your hotel and this will mark the end of the One day visit to ngamba island

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