Rwanda is a land locked country found in East Africa, it has an  area coverage of 26338km2. Being hilly and mountainous, it was named the land of 1000 hills just because of its endless rolling hills. The country has a population of 12.21 million people according to the census made 2017 with the Hutu people making the largest population of the country, the Tusti being the second and the Batwa as the minority.

The capital city of Rwanda is Kigali that sprouts over different hills and covers different districts of Nyarugenge, Gasabo and kicukiro with an area coverage of 730km2 lying over 1500m above sea lavel.

The twa/ batwa people are the earliest settlers of Rwanda followed by the bantu people that composed of the hutu and the tutsi who cleared out the land for agriculture. Kigali city has many attractions that make it easy to carry out a city tour. Visiting the Kigali memorial center, Nyamata church which lives you well informed about the Rwanda 1994 genoside. You can also visit the local markets, art gallaries, different cultural centers, the kings palace and moving to the highest hill that lives you with a chance of having a city view photo and many others. All these can be done in not more than two days. This beautiful country has three national parks like;

Akagera national park in the East, Nyungwe forest national park in the south and the Volcanoes national park in the North West of Rwanda.

However the country has many other activities like

  • Visiting cultural sites
  • Visiting Genoside areas and churches

Visiting Lake Kivu and many other activities that will leave your life memorable.



Volcanoes national park being Rwanda’s tourism herb is the world’s heritage site with different famous activities like mountain gorilla tracking, visiting the Diana fossy tomb, and viewing the golden monkeys while protecting the world’s endangered apes (Gorillas). 


Akagera national park lies in eastern part of Uganda bordering Tanzania. The part is the only Rwanda’s savanna park characterized by wood land and semi-woodland type of vegetation with savanna animals.


Nyungwe national park is Rwanda’s undisturbed tropical rain forest that was established in 2004. The park is aproximently 979km2 with around 13 walking trails and makes over nyungwe national park boarders Burundi the south,

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