Bunyaruguru craters are famous and nice to explore. The area has around 52 craters where by some of them are twin lakes, Africa map shaped lake, transparent lake, the port like lake, green lake, fume lake, heart shaped lake and many others all in one area which is a district that has a total 60,000 people. The people are more tolerant, most loving and welcoming that others will opt riding with you on their local bicycles.

Day 1: Drive to bunyaruguru.

Drive from Kampala to Bunyaruguru. The distance will take us about 7 to 8 hours’ drive. You will relax for the end of the day.

Day 2: Drive to the Craters.

We start our day while riding around and exploring the lakes, starting with the famous twin lakes that look like the heart and another in a male organ the people feel like one being male and female. Riding in the volcanic area is not easy as most of the roads are rocky and loose roads. However this is exciting as we shall explore more lakes like the transparent lake, Fume Lake, pot lake, African shaped like lake, and the biggest crater lake in the area. The ride will however be interesting with nice views and some safe lakes we shall be able to swim, though without forgetting that crater lakes are the deepest in the world.

Day 3: End of the trip.

 Drive back to Kampala for departure. However depending on your flight time you may decide to do a game drive in Uganda second largest national parks (Queen Elizabeth national park). After we proceed to the airport or Kampala.

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